Disruptive Technology and Examples of Disruptive Technologies
In 1997, Mr. Clayton presented M. Christensen (Professor at Harvard Business School) another term called “problematic innovation”. It additionally depicts that troublesome innovation is supplanting a surprisingly dug in innovation. He clarifies later in his 1997 top of the line book, “The Creator’s Dilemma” and isolates new innovation into two principle classes: maintainability and irksome. 
Maintainable innovation: Technology that depends on extra upgrades to a settled innovation called feasible innovation. 
Then again the innovation is new in light of the fact that it needs refinement, frequently faces execution issues, advances to a restricted crowd and may not yet have a demonstrated commonsense application. The most well-known case of problematic innovation is the “electric discourse machine” that Alexander Graham Bell later called. 
Teacher Clayton Christensen brings up in his book No. So huge organizations need to work with maintainability advancements and plan their work in like manner. Enormous organizations stay near their customers, and they have a current system for creating current innovations, so they exceed expectations in knowing their market. Advertising openings made with low-edge damage methods may profit by likely efficiencies and cost investment funds by huge organizations. 
Teacher Clayton M. Christensen in his book “The Dilemma of the Creator” (Best Selling Book of 1997) shows his perspective on the incendiary utilization of genuine models. It clarifies how it isn’t surprising for a huge organization to overlook all the qualities ​​of damage, and the explanation is that it doesn’t support the organization’s present objectives.

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