Can Technology Help Us Save Our Planet?
This inquiry was on a great many people’s psyches. In the midst of the innovative advancements in the transformation, we are additionally confronting many negative effects that we see today. This inquiry is really identified with life and medication as innovation has tackled a significant number of our medical issues in the past which were practically difficult to manage. Be that as it may, can innovation truly help take care of our planet’s issues? No one but we can answer it. 
We as a whole confronted similar issues that others confronted. Innovation in this field has influenced such huge numbers of parts of our life that we rely upon it to such an extent. Yet, as we look for better and better innovation, we are given another arrangement of issues. What is so pulverizing about these issues is that we can’t dispose of them effectively without influencing our lives. 
Yet, fortunately we as of now have innovation to counter these negative impacts. What are these negative impacts? Take contamination, for instance. This is one of the negative effects of the advancement we are on the whole managing since we value the significance of utilizing power. Truth be told, we stick to it as though we can’t carry on with an existence without it. This thusly made our carries on with simpler on certain parts and increasingly troublesome on a few. 
We need innovation to make life simpler today. With such a significant number of occupations to be done in a day, we unquestionably need some assistance with that. Here we got a ton of innovation. We can carry out numerous responsibilities at the earliest opportunity and subsequently take advantage of what we have. 
On the off chance that we had the innovation to counter the negative impacts of progress, for what reason do we despite everything have these issues today? The straightforward explanation we are ourselves. We love innovation yet we couldn’t care less much about innovation. We center vigorously around the things we think about significant, however we once in a while observe reality with regards to our condition from our activities. Actually, on the off chance that we need to utilize our innovation to support our condition, we can decrease our enduring inside a year. Be that as it may, we firmly consent to utilize innovation, however we have allowed our condition to environment. 
This reasoning must be changed today. Our condition is the place we live. It is the place we secure every one of our needs to appreciate life and innovation. We need to consider that so as to appreciate innovation we need to spread ecological mindfulness and consideration. One can never appreciate innovation without a domain to live in. Figuring out how to utilize normal vitality is simpler than you might suspect. On the off chance that we cooperate on this, progress can generally be a hand, not an issue.

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